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Christchurch: Healing Goddesses Workshop


Women’s Centre Christchurch

Meditations that encourage
wellness, clarity of mind and joy

Learn how to go into deep meditation with healing ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Norse goddesses. A rare opportunity to experience a Western form of empowerment and transformation.

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Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote of how important it is ‘to keep the heart awake to love and beauty.’ Love is healing – to feel loved is to feel divine. This very human impulse to love, and be loved, is the honouring of the goddess Aphrodite. In ancient Greece (and through her counterpart goddess Venus in ancient Rome) this spiritual love was honoured in a higher form, and many temples were built in her name. These places had an atmosphere which cultivated healing for what weighed on peoples’ hearts. It is possible to still feel this healing experience now.


It has been said that ‘Justice is a woman satisfied’. Many ancient texts speak of the divine feminine and masculine energy dwelling in people of all genders. To consciously house these energies is to be empowered in wisdom. By integrating what is unknown in our shadow, we can then create a life filled with compassionate understanding. Humans can then empathise more easily with others, and life can contain less suffering. In ancient Greece, the goddess of wisdom was known as Athena. As a strategist and protector, she was called to help on battlefields. Carved on Athena’s statues are many symbols which explain a path to protecting and healing your heart, body, and mind. All you need is the key.


The ability to protect oneself and provide nourishment resonates with our fundamental survival instinct. Many would say that we need the wisdom of this goddess of the hunt more than ever. As we explore Artemis further, are we ready for her challenge? ‘Stop complaining and start aiming!’ Artemis is the goddess of the forests and mountainous wild lands. A moon goddess, she is a protector in childbirth, of nine year old girls (who were called her “little she-bears”) and relieving women’s ill health. Always virginal, she was self-wed, free to roam and be true to herself. To connect with the qualities of Artemis within yourself is to ‘come alive again’ and have sharp, clear mental focus.

Course fee: $60, scholarships on request

Contact Sue: or 027 327 7498 to register or for more information.

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Venue: Women’s Centre Christchurch, Unit 3, 242 Ferry Rd, Waltham, Christchurch.