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Wellington: Meditation on the Tarot, Day Workshop

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Embedded within the Tarot are esoteric symbols that reveal deeper mysteries. These symbols are a map to an enhanced sense of wellbeing, inner-strength and clarity of mind – qualities that are needed in our communities now more than ever. They also help us experience the fuller potential of human consciousness. In this afternoon talk, we will learn how to go into deep meditation with archetypal, healing forms of ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Norse gods and goddesses, and Angels. This is a unique opportunity to learn Mysticism and other subjects that warm the heart, from a kind and insightful teacher.

More about this work: An aspect of the Goddess Artemis could be seen in the High Priestess. Her archetypal feminine energy embodies cool-minded clarity, direction, fearlessness, courage. Artemis is the goddess of the forests and mountainous wildlands. She helps with the ability to protect oneself and provide nourishment. A moon goddess, she is a protector in childbirth, of nine-year-old girls (who were called her “little she bears”) and relieving women’s ill health. As a mountain goddess, she is free to roam and be true to herself. 

In this workshop, we will explore a range of masculine and feminine energies, and archetypes (primordial patterns) that transcend gender as well. In this work, it is believed that every person houses a range of transcendent masculine and feminine and non-binary energies within. Through these three types of energies, potent higher qualities are personified to help us embody, understand and learn from them further.

Included in the ticket price:

  • Vegetarian Lunch (Dahl and rice) pot luck treats to be brought along for tea and coffee

  • Electronic handout of short biographies of a range of Western Mysteries Teachers of Tarot

  • Recommended reading list

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Mira Riddiford is a meditation and mindfulness teacher who runs retreats and online series, with students across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australasia. With more than 20 years of daily practice, Mira has been trained internationally through retreat work, study and apprenticeship. She specialises in teaching on Western Mysticism, Archetypal integration and Non-Duality in a way that's clear and accessible to students at all levels of study, including beginners. Her contemporary, warm and engaging style breathes life into these ancient yet-still-valuable meditation teachings.

Course fee: $60 or $30 for assisted rate

Contact Ronnie: or 021 0227 9826

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