Meditation: Pan Invocation


Sweet beloved Pan

If people only knew your joy, your love of freedom

You are not seperate from anything, your name meaning All

You are deeply embedded in life, Lord Pan

God of the wild, god of nature, god of the mountain wilds, 

God of fields, groves and wooded glens, I invoke thee

God of fertility and spring

God of woodlands, no one knows you

But there are many who love you

Can we catch a glimpse of you Rustic Lord?

Cave of Pan, not worshipped in temples, you are worshiped in natural settings

Son of Hermes, the messenger, a trickster god

You are our Great Goat god

Together we are ancient, and we call upon ancient powers.

Help me climb the highest, craggiest mountains, with your expert hooves,

Those with wintry tops

You are a symbol of creation

Of enjoyable procreation, when each wants to take part

Seduce us!

Make our bodies throb with power, with the sweetest of bliss

Pour water upon our organs

protector of animals,

Let us be wild together

Noble creature

Upon seeing you, Great God Pan, one is changed by your naturalness, you do not harm but help those with clear hearts

May people hear your pipes again sweet noble Pan,

Your music is the breath of the earth, the movement of soil.

It is you who has every right to ask forgiveness.